mediadetails - Interactive Communication provides services in the area of the IT and Multimedia.

The Mision:
Our mision is supporting our Clients in the adaptation to the technological evolution and in the reinforcement of its competitive position, always having in mind the various activities where they position themselves. For that, we implement concepts and develop personalized solutions that follow market’s dynamic.
The Vision:
Beyond the presence in the media, md values are, above all, the creation of successful strategies that can bring profit to our Clients. In that sense, we create new services in specific areas, which generate better results.
Proceeding with a strategy based on a supported growth, our activity lies on the establishment of some partnerships that result in integrated solutions, sometimes responsible for new and modern business areas.
mediadetails currently has a broad network of national and International Clients, which spans such distinct markets such as Portugal, Spain, France, England and Finland.
The Values:
These are our values: severity, professionalism, responsibility and engagement, which, when allied to technique and human competences, make successful works.